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Innovative learning methods
Motivated working environment
Individual schedules
Best performance for your money
High success rates

For many years, Smart Academy has offered tutoring and seminars in various fields.

It is a flexible course and curriculum, which we can tailor to the individual needs of the Student.

Innovative learning methods and a motivated work environment lead you to success. Communicative teaching and social learning (in the community) are our main focus. This method is intended to promote tolerance, understanding and goal-oriented thinking. Our aim is to inspire people and to discover their potential. Joint learning enables higher motivation and is the key to personal success. A high success rate and a high level of student satisfaction show that we are on the right track! 


Perfect preparation!

“With Smart Academy, I feel perfectly prepared for the upcoming exams”.

Holiday or preparation? 

“I studied during my holidays to prepare for and enable further study”.

Official certificate 

“The cramming was worth it, because NOW I finally have my certificate”.


"We deliberately chose Smart Academy because the standard of teaching is of a high quality and all the teachers and staff are very knowledgeable, friendly and courteous."
David Field
“I had always a great feeling during my studies at Smart Academy”.
Jessica Gomez